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Robert Gratiot's Classes


Learn to paint with contemporary painter Robert Gratiot, a popular instructor at The Art Student's League of Denver (ASLD). Find upcoming classes and register on the league's website:
(search by Instructor: Gratiot, Rob)


You can also learn about Robert Gratiot and his teaching style, and view his work in his book »

Below are examples of Rob's Painting Classes:

Developing a Personal Painting Style:
Oil or Acrylic for Beginners

This is a fun course for beginning students. Through a combination of assignments and independent study, you will figure out what the heck your style might be. Your painting level doesn't matter, as long as you have a fun attitude and are willing to grow as a painter.

Developing a Personal Painting Style:
Oil or Acrylics for Intermediate and Advanced

This course is for the not-quite beginner to the very advanced student. Determine your painting style preference and improve your skills. The studio is a fun environment in which you may work independently, or on instructor-given assignments.

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